The 5 Best MMA Gloves For Training

Getting the best MMA gloves you can get is super important. Using the free MMA gloves at your gym is okay for a while, if they even have them.

But those gloves usually don’t fit well, they can be too big and awkward when you’re grappling, or they might be way too tight and mess with your blood flow.

If you want your own pair of MMA gloves, these should give you satisfaction.

Alternatively, if you are after some high quality Gi’s for BJJ or Judo, check out my review of these brands.

Best Premium MMA Glove: Hayabusa

Best Budget MMA Glove: Venum 2.0

Hayabusa T3 LX Leather MMA Gloves

Hayabusa’s MMA gloves take things up a notch. They’re made with full-grain Italian leather, and it’s a very high-quality product. What’s cool is their palm design, as it stays put, giving you killer control whether you’re throwing punches or grappling.

They’ve got layers of high-performance foam that eat up heavy impacts like a champ. Wraps might not even be necessary for you because their closure system is top-notch.

Best suited for MMA training and competition. If you’re serious about your game, give these bad boys a shot.


  • Cozy thermal lining for that perfect hand feel.
  • No sweat closing up with the Dual-X hook and loop closure.
  • Outside, it’s Italian leather and a clever Y-Volar palm design.


  • If you want an MMA grappling glove look at something else. These have excessive padding on the back of the hands can make it hard to grapple.
  • It isn’t cheap compared to many other MMA Gloves

UFC Official Fight Glove

These MMA gloves are the real deal, they are the ones every UFC fighter rocks when they enter the octagon.

They’re pre-curved ahead of time to match your hand’s shape, so you don’t poke your training partners in the eye. They have a perfect fit and feel comfy.

It has gel protection on the knuckles, and the material is a top-notch genuine leather that means business. The way they close up is solid and sticky, whilst keeping your wrists comfy and locked in with a superior wrist support design.


  • Pre-curved glove
  • Propriety dual-locking closure system for premium wrist support
  • Layered gel which offers decent protection over the knuckles with the open finger design.


  • Price, that’s about it. It’s a great glove.

Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast nailed it with the extra padding above your knuckles for some serious hand and fist protection. These gloves are perfect for both practice and competition.

For grapplers and cage fighters the extra-strong seams and finger slots is a good improvement. The wrist strap is durable, and the elastic cuff adds that pro vibe.


  • Elastic cuff for that pro-level fit.
  • Wrist strap that’s tough and will last.
  • Affordable, without sacrificing quality and usefulness.
  • Strong seams and finger slots that can take a beating.


  • These gloves are made of vinyl on the outside and not leather.
  • Quality isn’t as high as the UFC fight glove, and the Hayabusa T3 LX.

Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

These MMA gloves are mean looking, with a seriously comfy and high-quality design.

Guess where they’re made? Thailand, the Muay Thai capital.

Thailand knows how to make killer MMA fight gloves, and these are no exception. They’ve got a cool curve that hugs your hand just right, perfect for throwing knockout punches.

And the closure system is easy peasy. It fits all sizes and you can velcro strap them on with just one hand. They’re built to take a beating and still stand strong. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Serious threading with high density.
  • Handmade in Thailand, so you know the finish is perfection.
  • Top-notch Nappa genuine leather that’s all about durability.
  • The unique Velcro strap system is all about easy setup with just one hand.


  • Not ideal for heavy bag, work. Hybrid MMA gloves would be better suited.

Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Gloves

For serious MMA gloves, you’ll want to grab a pair of these 4 oz Sanabul gloves. They’re perfect for getting grips grappling, transitioning, and striking.

Sanabul isn’t just a random name. They’re known in the combat sports world as a top choice for the best fighters and coaches. Some of the pros using their MMA gloves include Suga Sean O’Malley, Michael Bisping, and Alan Jouban.


  • Tech-Savvy Design: SBL engineered leather, hand-shaped foam, and other cool upgrades that amp up comfort and durability.
  • Stay Dry, Stay Fresh: Premium lining glove that’s a good moisture guard. No more soggy situations and that means your gloves stick around for longer.
  • Easy-Peasy Closure: Getting these gloves on is a breeze, even if you’ve got hand wraps on. Thanks to the hook and loop closure system, you’re good to go.


  • The fingers could use some improvement, and the gloves might look a bit odd because of their width when you put them on.

Correct Fit For The Best MMA Gloves

Listen up, sizing matters big time with MMA gloves. Since they offer less coverage on the hand, getting the size wrong could lead to hand woes. Check out the brand’s size chart and pick the size that matches your hand’s circumference.

You want your MMA glove to fit snug. Aim for that sweet spot where they’re comfy and your fingers can still do their thing.

Best Material for MMA Gloves

You’re probably wondering about the top-notch fabrics that’ll make your hands feel like champions. While there’s no single fabric that will determine the best MMA gloves, there are some killer options you should know about:

Leather: When it comes to quality, genuine leather is the heavyweight champ. It’s tough, flexible, and comfy, making it a solid choice for an MMA glove that will last you through countless rounds in the gym.

Faux Leather, Real Quality: Synthetic leather is like the cool cousin of the real thing. It’s durable, wallet-friendly, and can give you that leather feel without the hefty price tag.

Super Soft Microfiber: If cozy is your thing, microfiber is here for you. It’s soft, light, and lets your hands breathe while you’re in the heat of battle.

Rubber’s Buddy Neoprene: Neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber, adds a splash of flexibility and grip to the mix for MMA gloves. It’s usually the secret sauce on the inside of the gloves.

Air Flow with Mesh: Keep things fresh with mesh panels. They let the breeze in and stop your hands from feeling like they’re in a sauna. Your hand can get super sweaty in MMA gloves, so this is a nice one to consider.

Cushiony Foam: Padding matters in MMA gloves folks. Look for high-density foam or gel padding to cushion those blows and keep your hands happy.

Closure Styles: How your gloves close up is no joke. Velcro or lace closures make a difference in fit and comfort, so pick what suits your style.

Remember, the way your gloves are designed and built also matters, along with any official approvals they might have from combat sports authorities.

If you are an MMA fighter, the best MMA gloves are the ones that are approved for you to wear in competition.

Whether you’re grappling, striking, or just training, go for a combo of comfort, durability, safety, and performance.

The best MMA gloves for fighters are the premium options. Those super affordable MMA gloves might not be your go-to for landing heavy strikes, so keep that in mind.

Splurging on the best MMA gloves is a smart move as a fighter.

Regular MMA gloves? They’re solid for all kinds of action. But here’s the trick: slip on some hand wraps underneath, and bam! You’ve got an extra shield between your knuckles and your opponent.

Frequently asked questions

Should MMA Gloves Be Tight?

When it comes to MMA gloves, a snug fit is the way to go.

Gloves that fit right stay put during training or in the ring.

But here’s the deal: don’t go overboard and make them super tight. That can mess with your blood flow and make things uncomfortable. We’re aiming for that sweet spot between a secure fit and feeling good.

Remember, it’s all about finding that balance so you can throw punches and grapple like a champ while keeping your hands happy.

What Are the Best MMA Gloves for Grappling?

Gloves with a snug fit and minimal padding around the knuckles are more ideal for grappling.

Minimal padding makes sure that your hands can easily slide into positions and that your movements aren’t hindered. Look for gloves with reinforced seams and quality materials that can withstand the intense pressure and friction that come with grappling.

The best gloves for grappling strike a balance between offering protection and allowing you to effectively use your hands for submissions, holds, and transitions on the ground.

What Are the Best MMA Gloves for Beginners?

The best gloves for a beginner in my opinion are the least cost-prohibitive that you can buy with your budget. You can worry, about buying better gear later on once you know that you are going to stick with the sport long-term.

Why Are MMA Gloves Fingerless?

MMA gloves are fingerless because the sport of MMA involves grappling. When you grapple, it is essential that you have your fingers exposed to be able to grip your opponents properly and execute your game plan without being hindered.

Do MMA Gloves Hurt More Than Boxing Gloves?

There is less padding on MMA gloves than boxing gloves, so it will hurt more than being punched with a boxing glove. If you train with good people though, you should be pulling your punches to not hurt each other.

What Is The Difference Between MMA And Boxing Gloves?

MMA gloves are fingerless as the sport involves grappling, and it’s essential to have mobility in your fingers. Boxing gloves are fully padded as the sport only involves throwing punches and clinching.

What Size MMA Gloves Should I Get?

It depends on the size of your hand, and every hand size is unique. I would opt for a size above your hand size if you plan on using a dryer when you wash them.

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