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Tight for cash? You will want something that won’t break the bank. The best budget BJJ Gi is the sanabul essential for me, closely followed by the elite sports Jiu-Jitsu Gi.

We aren’t getting the cheapest Gi available here, we want cheap BJJ Gi’s yes, but not an absolute dud! I break it down, whilst listing the pros, and cons of each Gi for you.

If you want some more premium BJJ Gi options, you can check out my comprehensive list of some other quality BJJ Gi Brands.

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Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi for Men

You know that you will need your gear to hang in there during those intense grappling sessions, and this budget BJJ Gi should hold up very well for training.

The tapered fit keeps you nimble and ensures your opponent won’t get any cheap grabs at your Gi due to being immobile and restricted.

Reinforcements? It checks the box here. They’ve beefed up the stitching where it matters most. In the collars, sleeves, and pants. So when the going gets tough on the mat, you won’t be ripping holes in your Gi. I always appreciate when these areas get that extra stitching as I get more use out of it.

Colors? They’ve got your back there too. Classic white or bold black, and a few others to match your vibe.

Pants? Drawstring pants with reinforced knees.

Bottom line? If you’re serious about your BJJ game, the Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi is your go-to wingman if you are on a budget. It’s the best budget BJJ Gi today.

I’ve been there, rolled in it, conquered with it. Snag yours now.


  • Lightweight Gi: it’s a decent budget BJJ Gi for summer.
  • Quality: Not only is affordable to start the sport, but is also good quality.
  • Preshrunk Gi: The Gi is preshrunk, easy to care for and can be shrunk to size if necessary.


  • This get will not hold up well at all if you tumble dry it, be warned.
  • The Gi top was tight in the shoulders, I have broad shoulders, so if that’s you it might not work well.

Other Budget BJJ Gi’s

These Gi’s are also worth a look, as for the price, they are closely tied with the Sanabul Budget BJJ Gi. Depending on your body type and needs, these might be worth a look as well.

Elite Sports BJJ Gi for Men

The fabric’s a mix of cotton and polyester that’s comfy to wear yet tough as nails. You can also machine wash this bad boy without the shrinkage panic. Pre-shrunk fabric for the win!

I hate it when a Gi comes in a perfect size, but after a few washes, it’s unusable for some competitions. Speaking of competition, It’s IBJJF-approved so it will have you covered for the big tournaments.

They throw in a white belt with the purchase, and although it’s nice, you get one when you join a BJJ gym. Maybe not all gyms do that, so it might be a better choice for you to go with the Elite Sports BJJ Gi.

Sweat? Not a problem. The lightweight material does its magic, so you won’t be that guy with a funky-smelling Gi.

The design is stylish and doesn’t look like many of the other cheapo Gi’s you can get.

All in all, the Elite Sports Gi is a good choice. It’s comfy, stylish, and ready for action. Don’t miss out on snagging one for yourself.


  • Advanced Sizing: Enjoy a better fit with their detailed sizing chart.
  • Free White Belt: Get a complimentary white belt with a stripe bar to mark your progress as you level up.
  • IBJJF Approved: Ready to compete? This Gi is approved by the International BJJ Federation for tournaments.
  • Quick Odor Control: Lightweight material disperses sweat fast, so you won’t have to deal with lingering bad smells.


  • Loose Fit: The only aspect I wasn’t a fan of is that it tends to fit quite loosely.
  • Drawstring: The drawstring that goes around your waist is unnecessarily long.

Hawk Sports Budget BJJ Gi

It’s made from 100% cotton, so this fabric is strong which is what you need when you have people ripping on it several times a week. You won’t get the use out of it like you will a premium BJJ Gi, but that’s expected at this price point.

The collar on the jacket and the pants drawstring keep everything snug. A lot of Gi’s have a weird drawstring that always comes loose, but I didn’t have that with the Hawk Budget BJJ Gi.

They’ve reinforced all the right spots which is nice. Areas such as the collar, and even the pants. They definitely know where Gi’s can take a beating that’s for sure.


  • Good for beginners who haven’t committed to the sport yet.
  • Cheap: if you are on a budget, this is good enough.
  • Durable: Is it the most durable Gi you can buy? No, but for the price it’s what you would expect. You don’t feel ripped off.


  • Material: It feels rough to touch and handle. It feels like a cheap Jiu-jitsu Gi, and you will probably only get one year’s use out of it.
  • Hard to justify buying this one over the Elite sports Gi, and the Sanabul when they are so close in price.

Things To Consider When Buying Cheap BJJ Gi’s

Time to break down the must-knows when you’re scouting for the best budget BJJ Gi. Let’s get you that quality without the sky-high price tag, deal?

Rock-Solid Material: Go for a tough cotton that can take a good beating. A cheap Jiu-Jitsu Gi won’t have the best material, but having 100% cotton is a good place to start the search.

Fit Feels: A snug fit is key. Find a Jiu-Jitsu GI offering many different sizes, and if they throw in a bit of tapering, even better.

Stitching Toughness: Stitching matters a lot. Look for reinforced points like collars and seams.

IBJJF OK? Check: Eyeing Jiu-Jitsu tournaments? Ensure your Gi’s got the nod from the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Some budget picks get the green light.

Buddy Reviews: Listen to your BJJ buddies at the jiu-jitsu academy. Real reviews spill the beans on comfort and toughness.

Brand Trust: Stick with Jiu-Jitsu Gi brands known for solid gear. You’re after a good deal.

Now go grab an awesome deal.

You’ve got the lowdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many BJJ gis should I own?

The amount of Gi’s you should own depends on how often you train each week. A good rule of thumb, is to have one BJJ Gi for each training session. This prevents you from missing out on class due to a Gi hanging out to fry after going through the washing machine.

Will my BJJ GI shrink?

Many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s tend to undergo slight shrinkage over time. Hence, it is crucial to meticulously adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines concerning optimal washing and drying methods.

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