Best BJJ Gi For Hot Weather

When the summer hits you will find that many BJJ Gi’s can get quite uncomfortable due the extra layers of cotton and fabric. They are great BJJ Gi’s don’t get me wrong, but if you want the best BJJ Gi for hot weather you will need a lightweight BJJ Gi like the ones I have reviewed below.

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Lightweight Gi Winners


Best Premium Summer Gi

– 350 GSM Pearl Weave Cotton
– Pretreated For Color Fading
– Reinforced stitching

Gold Lightweight

Best Mid-Range Gi

– 275 GSM Jacket
– 10oz Ripstop Pants
– Money Back Guarantee

Premium BJJ Gi’s for summer

These are the best Premium BJJ Gi’s on the market right now, that have a good GSM fabric with the best lasting power.

Hayabusa Hero Elite Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Hayabusa Hero Elite Jiu Jitsu Gi is the stand out superstar of BJJ Gi’s. It’s made to fit like a glove, super comfy, and tough enough for your daily grind. The fabric is lightweight and lets you move like a ninja while you roll.

When you’re on the mats, this Gi delivers big time. It’s got your back during those intense training sessions, so you can focus on your game.

They pre-treated it to keep the colors popping, and the colors will not fade as quickly. Just wash it cold and hang it up to dry.

Hayabusa Hero Elite Benefits

Made from lightweight yet durable pearl weave cotton on top: This Gi offers the best of both worlds. It’s light enough to keep you moving easily during rolls, but it’s tough enough to handle the grind of regular training.

The Hayabusa hero elite Gi offers you comfort with it’s 350 GSM pearl weave cotton fabric.

The Pants are a blend of 8oz ripstop cotton and polyester: Ripstop fabric is known for being super tough. Mix it with polyester, and you’ve got pants that can handle the toughest stretches, rolls, and takedowns without giving in.

Reinforced lapels, knees, and stress areas for the long run: These high-stress zones take a beating in BJJ. Reinforcing them means your gi won’t fall apart even when you’re pushing your limits. It’s an investment in a gi that lasts.

Colors won’t fade quickly, they’re pre-treated: We all want our gear to look good even after tons of washes. The pre-treated fabric means the vibrant colors stay sharp, wash after wash. Your Gi looks as good as it performs.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity: The certificate guarantees that what you’ve got is the real deal. You’re investing in quality gear that’s genuine and top-notch.

In a nutshell, these features mean you’re getting a BJJ Gi that’s not just about looks. It’s about performance, durability, and feeling good while you train. Each feature is like a little bonus that adds up to a killer package.

Bottom line, this BJJ Gi isn’t just for looks. It’s also lightweight but tough and comfortable for the summer months.

Venum Elite Light 3.0

You’re in for a good time with the Venum Elite Light 3.0. It’s a top-notch kimono designed for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who want a blend of durability, comfort, and performance.

Venum Elite Benefits

The Jacket: The jacket is lightweight but tough with a 350 GSM Pearl Weave cotton. They have reinforced the spots that take a beating with Ripstop lining, which is like armor for your BJJ Gi.

Pants: The pants are made from 227 GSM Ripstop cotton, known for its super strength. I like the fact that the pants aren’t as thick as the jacket.

There’s internal reinforcement in the pants as well to make sure it handles a beating. The pants do cop less punishment, and the reduction in the material makes them more comfortable in the hot weather.

The knees also get some extra love with topstitching, so no worries about them giving out on you quickly. The Ankles are toughened up with ripstop strapping to handle all the dynamic movements guard players implement.

Reinforced stitching: Ready for action with a solid collar and reinforced zones. Train hard, it can handle it.

Looks Cool: Not just function, there’s a slick woven patch and design that adds some style to your Gi.

Mid range BJJ Gi’s for hot weather

As far as Mid-range BJJ Gi’s go, these are worth a look and offer fantastic value.

Gold Jiu-Jitsu Gi: Ultra Lightweight

This is a good consideration for a mid-range Gi: The Aeroweave Gi is the lightest gi on this list, and it’s pretty slick. Gold is a brand that has a good reputation in the Jiu-Jitsu community that produces quality Gi’s for athletes.

Gold Ultra-Lightweight Benefits

Feels Like Air: The jacket is featherlight, and the pants are airy which is perfect for keeping your cool in summer when the gym turns into a sauna.

Built to Take a Beating: Don’t let the weight fool you. They’ve worked some serious magic on this Gi. Reinforced in all the right spots, it can stand up to your wildest rolls and still come out strong.

Style Simplicity: They’ve kept the design clean and minimalist, which isn’t overbearing with logos. This gi offers logo patches and a script on the pants that are pure style without them going overboard. And yes, there’s room to slap on your own team patches too.

Lighter Than Your Usual: This one’s 40% lighter than your average lightweight Gi. It comes in at 275 GSM.

A durable Gi, But Light: They’ve used tough stitching that can handle the grind. So even if you give it your all and it takes a beating, they’ve got your back.

No More Sweaty Pants: Let’s talk pants. They’ve swapped the usual cotton for ripstop fabric. Translation: You won’t be wringing sweat out of your pants halfway through class. These pants breathe like a champ.

Gold BJJ’s Promise: The folks behind this gi? They’re not just selling gear, they’re BJJ enthusiasts, just like you. If this Gi doesn’t fit your preference, they’ve got your back. Replacement or refund, no strings attached.

Hayabusa Ultra Lightweight Gi

Step up your training and dominate with this absolute weapon of a lightweight BJJ Gi. The Ultra-Lightweight Gi is designed to enhance your performance, and it allows you to move seamlessly without any restrictions during your rolls.

Hayabusa Lightweight Benefits

Freedom: Enhanced Mobility and Comfort with its low weight that will have you experiencing unrestricted movement that will allow you to flow smoothly between techniques and positions.

This agility not only boosts your confidence but also keeps you cool and comfortable during intense training sessions.

Unmatched Quality: It has durability with Style and Performance, with a 350-GSM pearl weave cotton top strikes the perfect balance between strength and aesthetics.

This means you don’t have to compromise on style for performance, ensuring your Gi lasts through rigorous training while still looking impressive.

Pants That Perform: The 8oz ripstop cotton-polyester blend pants offer a unique combination of sturdiness and flexibility. You can trust their durability in the face of tough training, all while enjoying the comfort of a fabric that doesn’t weigh you down in summer.

Built to Last: Reinforced lapels, knees, and stress points are a testament to the gi’s resilience. Designed to withstand the demands of your training journey, this gi becomes a dependable partner in your pursuit of improvement.

You can count on it to stay strong and supportive through countless rolls and training sessions.

IBJJF Compliant: Whether you’re gearing up for a local tournament or an international championship, this one is crafted to meet IBJJF standards.

Long-Lasting Vibrancy: They have taken care of the little details too. By pre-treating the fabric to prevent color fading, it makes sure that your gi color remains durable, and it retains its appearance after enduring rigorous training sessions.

Budget Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s

If you want quality, without spending a fortune, these budget friendly Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s will have you covered.

Venum Contender 2.0 BJJ Gi

This one is the upgraded second version and way comfier and tougher than before.

This thoughtful design ensures that the pants can withstand the stresses of training while providing the comfort needed for fluid movements. The ultra-fast clamping system by rope is a stroke of genius, making it hassle-free to secure the pants quickly and securely.

As for the pants, they’re 100% cotton and the legs and ankles are double-reinforced, so if you love a knee slice pass this a good fit.

Venum Benefits

Durability that Endures: The reinforced slots, particularly around the collar, ensure that the uniform remains tear-resistant even during intense grappling sessions.

Precision in Design: The trousers, weighing 230 GSM are made of 100% cotton, and combine breathability with reinforced stitching at critical points like the inside of the leg and ankle.

The Venum Gi stands out as a decent choice for practitioners who demand durability, comfort, and functionality from their gear.

Whether you’re training for competitions or simply aiming to improve your skills, this uniform is an investment that’s truly worth it.

Tatami Fightwear Nova Absolute

When it comes to finding the perfect lightweight Gi, the Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi stands out as a remarkable choice. It’s intricate design, this Gi is a testament to Tatami’s dedication to providing high-quality gear for BJJ practitioners.

Tatami Nova Benefits

Vibrant Variety: With an impressive range of 9 vibrant colors, this Gi allows practitioners to express their personal style.

Unmatched Lightness: The Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi truly lives up to its name, being incredibly lightweight at 350 GSM and offering a comfortable training experience.

Perfectly Tapered Pants: The 10oz cotton tapered pants add to the gi’s versatility. Designed to withstand the rigors of training, they provide optimal mobility while maintaining their form and strength.

Fit Tested by the Best: For those who wonder about sizing, it’s worth noting that world-class athlete JT Torres, standing at 5’7″, confidently wears a size A2. This provides a helpful reference for individuals seeking the perfect fit.

The Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi delivers.

Advantages of Lightweight BJJ Gi’s

Weight cutting: With a lightweight Gi, you have to cut less weight for competition as many BJJ competitions make you weigh in with your GI on. Less grueling weight cuts is a big advantage.

Comfort: They are more comfortable than most heavier BJJ Gi’s you will find. Less material makes you feel lighter and less heavy.

Space: It takes up less space in your gym bag, making it easier to carry all of your things to class and competitions. Lightweight BJJ Gis leaves plenty of extra space to carry your lunches, tape, snacks etc.

Less sweat: If you are like me and sweat like a pig in both Gi, and No Gi Jiu-Jitsu, a lightweight Gi is like a dream come true. Your training partners appreciate it, and it’s a better experience rolling in them for you as well. They are the best BJJ Gi for hot weather.

All in all, i think the value you get from a lightweight Gi outweighs the disadvantages. For hotter days and the summer months, it just makes training more enjoyable.

If you want to check out some of the best BJJ Gi brands on the market you can check out this post

Disadvantages of a lightweight BJJ Gi

Not as Tough: Lightweight Gi’s are usually made with thinner material, so they can wear out faster, especially if you’re training like an absolute beast in them multiple times a week.

Easy to Tear: These Gi’s can be a bit delicate. All that grabbing and pulling? Yeah, it might lead to a tear or two if you use them as your main BJJ GI, which is a bummer.

Grips: If you use a lightweight gi, it’s easier for your opponents to get grips on you, as well as maintaining them. This might not be a big deal in the training room, but for competitions this will come at a big disadvantage.

Rules and Regs: Keep in mind, some competitions have rules about the kind of Gi you can wear. If your lightweight Gi doesn’t make the cut, you’re out of luck.

Less Protection: A thicker and more durable gi will shield you from mat burns and scrapes, which are basically BJJ battle scars. Lightweight Gi’s might not have your back in this department.

So, while lightweight Gi’s can be comfy and all, they come with some trade-offs. If you’re cool with those, go for it! Just be ready for the downsides.

What is a pearl weave Gi?

A standard pearl weave Gi is a type of lightweight BJJ fabric that’s a middle-ground choice for quality.

Even though it’s sturdy, it’s not heavy. It’s light enough to keep you comfy during rolls. The best lightweight gis are usually made with a pearl weave, or pearl weave mix.

These lightweight gis are like the Goldilocks of the BJJ world. They’re just right for hot weather because they still hold up like a champ.

They’re not a high-end Jiu-Jitsu Gi but definitely not bargain-bin quality, and they are incredibly soft. So, if you’re into rolling hard, and need reliable lightweight Gis, a pearl weave is a good option.

Conclusion: These are some of the best lightweight BJJ gis on the market today. If you train BJJ and are after the perfect Gi to add to your summer lineup this should cover you.

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